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Succession planning

Planning your exit from your business

Succession Planning and a comprehensive Exit Strategy are based on one simple premise: at some point, every owner leaves his or her business, voluntarily or otherwise.

You will certainly want to be in control of that process.

At the appointed time, you want to receive the maximum amount of money to accomplish personal, financial, income, and estate planning goals.

We will give you cost-effective advice, tailored to ensure you are well prepared in advance, for this critical time.



No time is too soon to set up a plan. In fact – the sooner the better.

In an ideal situation the method of exiting is determined as the company is set up. This allows decisions to be made with this in mind, virtually from day one.

Unfortunately it can be too late for maximising the value of your investment, but never too late for us helping you achieve the best value.



As a member of the International Succession Planning Association we have access to the latest succession planning tools and developments from overseas to assist your company.

We understand the sometimes complicated family, business/financial, interpersonal, and management dynamics that can impact business success, longevity and value.

We follow 10 critical inter-related steps of the Succession Matrix© to help us understand how they impact your business and to successfully tailor the right plan for you.